Prescan for companies

Preventive medical examination for the employer and the employee, often even business deductible.


Healthy employees are essential for a company. Your company performs well if your people perform well.

Investing in the health of your people, is investing in the health of your company. 

For companies

From the board of directors and management team (MT), to the people on the work floor, all sorts of departments and types of companies find their way to Prescan. Since 2013 Prescan has been the market leader in preventive medical examination. During the last ten years more than more than 10.000 companies have had medical examinations done by Prescan.


  •      Insight into the individual's health and possible health risks

  •      Tax deductible (under conditions)

  •     We advise you; free of charge and without obligation.

  •      Improvement of personal performance of the employee, increases employee satisfaction.


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What do companies think of our examinations?

Experiences of organizations and entrepreneurs with preventive examination of Prescan.

During the past 13 years we have given form and carried out preventive medical examinations for many organisations. For big and small organisations. Always made to measure, with examination programs that perfectly match the needs of an organization. With the final result that everyone gains; to create awareness, to activate people and to actively motivate being busy with your own health.


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