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Insight into your health in one day, by seeing the best doctors and undergoing the most modern examination techniques.

Direct insight into your health

Following week results

All examinations will take place within one or two days. You will receive your results the following week after the examinations.

Market leader

Prescan has been an active market leader in the field of preventative medical care in the Netherlands and abroad for 15 years.

Years of experience

We understand that it could be a big step to make the decision to have a Total Body Scan. Our doctors have years of experience. You are in good hands.

No waiting lists

We don’t have waiting lists at Prescan. Is there no room for you? We will create one. You can request an examination at Prescan without any referral from your GP.

99% More than 99% of our clients are happy to have done a body scan.
47% Yearly, over 47% of our clients are people that do a repeat examination.
95% Of our clients wants complete control over their own health. And chooses Prescan because of that.

Our programmes

Total Body Scan

  • MRI scan of the most vital organs (brain, arteries to the brain, abdomen, pelvis)
  • Extensive heart research (cardiology screening, echo cardiogram)
  • FOB testing (faecal, occult, blood)
  • The programme lasts approximately half a day
* The programme prices are exclusive £35,- intakecosts.

Additional examinations.

  • Laboratory Testing £199

    Contains a blood sample screening profile. The scans tell you what your organs look like - the lab tests tell you how well these major organs are functioning.

  • DNA Testing £699

    A DNA test to create a risk profile for the most common chronic and preventable diseases. Click here for more information about our premium DNA test.

  • Exercise Tolerance test £175

    The Exercise Tolerance Test will help to assess a possible case of coronary heart disease. In this condition there is narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the heart.

  • Visceral Fat measurement £175

    A safe and accurate way to tell if you are storing excess visceral fat. Including testosterone blood test.

  • CT scan Heart £350

    This scan (for 40 years+) screens for calcification of coronary arteries, which can in turn result in a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Includes risk assessment for the next five years, and checks for infection of the heart muscle and pericardium.

  • CT scan Lungs £449

    Gives insight in your lung capacity.

  • Breast ultrasound <40 £279

    There are several possibilities for a (preventative) breast examination. These examinations are all possible in consultation with our medical coordinators.

  • Breast Mammogram >40 £295

    There are several possibilities for a (preventative) breast examination. These examinations are all possible in consultation with our medical coordinators.

  • Septina9£275

    The Septina9 test is a simple blood-based test for early detection of colorectal cancer.

Also want direct insight into your health?

Specific examinations

Do you have specific complaints, is there no progress with your GP or do you have to wait for too long? We offer a variety of diagnostic examinations. With or without referral from your GP.

See all specific examinations

Good councelling is of utmost importance to us


The main goal of screening (preventative examination) is the early detection of diseases, to be able to take the right precautions. Diseases are most often easier to cure if they are diagnosed in an early stage.

More about screening

For the love of life


We believe in health care more than sick care. That you would detect your disease sooner rather than later. That is why we exist. For you. For life.

We believe that you should be able to examine your body, when you value life and you want to allow yourself a long life. Because of complaints, or preventative, because you know your body best. We speak out of personal experience that there must be a place where you can go then, where a team of the best medical specialists is ready for you and where people take their time for you.

70% of our clients go to Prescan because they Want to be on time and prevent becoming too ill with that.
65% chooses for Prescan because we offer a fast and easily accessible form of care.
35% of our clients go to Prescan because they are worried about an unhealthy lifestyle.
5% of our clients go to Prescan because of a high medical risk.

These percentages are based on a research in cooperation with TNO about the effects of our Total Body Scan, among 3600 Prescan-clients

Also want direct insight into your health?
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Experiences of others

Specialist after care and prevention

There are diseases found with about 12% of the examinations. Happily enough, there is not Always a serious disease detected. It results for example in advice to change your lifestyle.

What if a disease is found?

Doctors can very well distinguish serious abnormalities and harmless deviations in your body. Normally nothing severe is found. If something is found, you will not be alone.

Our doctors can arrange follow-ups and give you immediate adivice about what you could do. We also provide an aftercare team. This team knows what steps are necessary to provide a good follow-up process and utilise our many contacts in the (regular) health care system. They will assist you with advice and the necessary actions and will, if you wish, get in contact with your GP.

How often do I repeat an examination?

The human body is constantly in motion and even though diseases develop slowly, you do want to nip Them in the bud, and detect them before they cause symptoms.

Depending on age, personal risk factors and earlier findings we advise you to have yourself examined yourself once every 2 or 3 years. For intestinal examinations, when there are colon polyps located or when there are possible hereditary risks, we advise a repeat examination once every 2-3 years and otherwise once ever 5 years.

yearly over 47% of our clients are people that do repeat examinations.

We are here for you

Our medical examination coordinators provide tailor-made advice, so that a Prescan-examination fits your body perfectly. Because we believe in customisation.

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The ISO9001 certificate is something we are proud of. It guarantees the quality of our services. Because of this you know as a client that you are with us good hands.

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