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A targeted MRI scan is a vital part of the early detection process that focuses on specific body parts and health concerns. With the 3T MRI scanner at our London clinic, we offer same-day results with no need for a referral and no long waiting lists.

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Why choose a targeted MRI scan?

Targeted MRI scans are an effective way to identify health concerns and find the cause of pain in a targeted area. MRIs show the presence of inflammation, fractures, cysts, or wear and tear and can target particular organs, body parts, or joints. Common targeted MRI scans include skull and brain, neck vessels, and chest, as well as joints such as the knee, shoulder, and ankle.

In addition to targeted MRI scans and body scans, we offer laboratory testing of blood, urine, and stool to build a full picture of your health. This includes hormone and thyroid profiles, testing for intolerances such as coeliac, gluten, and food allergies, and monitoring vitamin and mineral levels. Prescan also offers cardiovascular risk and rheumatology profiles, and additional laboratory examinations focused on sports and performance.

Treatment proces

Step 1: Consultation – We gather details on your medical history over the phone, find the right treatment for you, and run through your appointment step-by-step.

Step 2: Confirmation
- We will send you a confirmation and details on what to expect at your appointment.

Step 3: Appointment
– At our London clinic, you will have a pre-consultation with our in-house doctor, followed by your scan and tests. After the examination, the images and initial results are explained immediately, face-to-face by our consultant radiologist.

Step 4: Results
– Your reports will appear online in myprescan, where you can access them at any time.

Step 5: Aftercare
– Following your appointment, our in-house doctor will book a phone consultation to discuss your results further and advise on next steps.

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