Targeted examinations

Do you have complaints somewhere, or do you want to have a specific part of your body examined?

A targeted examination, tailored to your wishes

Do you have any pain or other (long-term) symptoms? Are you getting nowhere with your GP? Prescan can help you with a customised examination. So that you know where you stand, with and without referral. And you normally receive the results immediately on the same day.

Below, you will find a summary of the different regions of the body and organs that we can examine. Make a selection and then look at the examinations that apply to this area or these organs.

Where does the symptom occur or where do you want to have an examination performed?

1 Select a region

Deze onderzoeken geven inzicht in schouder, elleboog, hand, pols, knie, voet of enkelklachten.

2 Choose an examination

Provides more information on the cause of the complaints, such as regularly recurring headache (cluster headache, migraine, tension headache). You also gain more insight into the state of your skull and brain.

Provides insight into the cause of specific complaints such as a sore neck (pain in the neck and throat) and shoulder complaints. The cervical vertebrae are examined for neck hernia, wear/arthrosis or movement limitations.

Persistent abdominal pain could be indicative of various diseases, for example, a cyst, tumour or inflammation. The MRI scan creates images of the kidneys, pancreas, spleen, liver and gall bladder.

Lower abdominal pain is frequently accompanied by complaints of a gynecological nature (uterus, ovaries), prostate and erectile dysfunction, pain during urination or blood in the urine. An MRI scan takes images of the uterus, ovaries, prostate and/or bladder.

In case of chronic back complaints such as lumbago, pain between the shoulder blades, lower back pain, upper back pain or radiation to the legs. The cause could be a slipped disc, wear or a back hernia. The MRI scan creates images of the cervical vertebrae, middle back, lower back and the entire spinal cord.

Knee complaints can have various causes which can quickly be detected with an MRI scan. Images are created of the knee joint, kneecap, knee ligaments, wear/arthrosis and possible inflammation.

Pain in the foot or ankle could be caused by a sprain, fracture or inflammation. An MRI scan quickly provides you with more insight into the nature of the injury: torn ankle ligaments, bone fractures, wear/arthrosis and/or swelling of the feet.

Hip complaints could have something to do with bursitis, straining the hip muscles, joint pains or wear on the hip joint. An MRI scan takes images of the hip joint, wear/arthrosis and other bone abnormalities.

Many people suffer from pelvic pain caused by pelvic instability, wear or other abnormalities such as tumours. An MRI scan provides more insight into these symptoms by creating images of the pelvis, possible bone fractures, swelling/bruising and joint problems.

Shoulder pain, shoulder inflammation, painful shoulders or even bursitis of the shoulder? An MRI scan exposes the cause of this kind of complaint, such as wear / arthrosis or inflammation.

A breast examination can detect the presence of any tumours but can also, for example, be used to check on breast implants.

The preventative intestinal examination by Prescan consists of a colonoscopy. This is an examination of the colon.

Our cardiological examination shows how your heart functions. We use various modern techniques, such as an ECG, ultrasound or a lung function test.

The Septina9 test is a simple blood-based test for early detection of colorectal cancer.

A DNA test to create a risk profile for the most common chronic and preventable diseases.

Looking for laboratory tests?

You can let your blood, urine, feces or saliva been analysed.

We offer a wide range of laboratory tests. Think of a comprehensive examination of your blood, urine and feces on 47 major items, such as vitamins, hormones and cholestrol. In addition to targeted laboratory tests such as the Lyme test; we have several stool home tests, with which for example allergies or PDS (Irritable bowel syndrome) can be determinated.

More information about the Laboratory test

Need help?

We will be pleased to help you choose the right examination. You can reach our examination coordinator on 0345 - 257 0012, or fill out the form. They will contact you usually within one working day.

Did you know that with a Total Body Scan we can exame the whole body?

 Read more about Total Body Scan

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The benefits

  • Within 1 week a scan in our clinic
  • Medical specialists
  • Direct contact with the GP
  • Examination without referral
  • Including a CD-ROM with images

No waiting times, no referral

At Prescan we do not have waiting times. If you are in a hurry simply contact us. Is there no place, we create it. You can contact us with and without referral from the doctor.

Professionals with many years' experience

We understand that it may well be a step to make the decision for a Total Body Scan. Know that our doctors have years of experience. You are in good hands with us.

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