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  • 14 jaar ervaring, specialist in uitvoeren van preventief medisch onderzoek
  • de beste kwaliteit, gemiddeld beoordeeld met een 9,4
  • onze volledige aandacht voor jou, van eerste gesprek tot nazorg

Al meer dan 60.000 mensen gingen je voor!Al meer dan 60.000 mensen gingen je voor!

The Total Body Scan from Prescan®

Insight into your health

The Total Body Scan allows you to gain insight into your health. During this examination, the vital organs and blood vessels are examined. In order to obtain the best possible picture of your body, we include the Preventative Cardio Package with our Total Body Scan. We recommend supplementing the Total Body Scan with the Complete Laboratory Test to examine blood, urine and other factors that may play a role in your personal situation. Scans alone provide extensive detail about the internal structures, but not about how well the organs are functioning such as the heart, liver, thyroid glands and the kidneys.

Medical history intake and examinations

When initially contacting Prescan, you will have a consultation with one of our staff. They will complete a Medical history intake form with you for the doctors who will conduct the examinations, which will assist in identifying and assessing health risk factors. Furthermore, a GP will discuss your concerns or any symptoms you may be experiencing, before the examinations start. A team of medical specialists working for Highgate Hospital will carry out the examinations. This team is made up of a radiologist, cardiologist, a general practitioner and a laboratory physician. All results are analysed by these specialists and discussed with you the following week during the GP follow up consultation either by telephone or face to face.


An examination you can rely on

Prescan is world leader is the market of preventive medical research. In the meantime 85.000 people have been examined by Prescan. To be able to guarantee the best possible examinations, we work together with a large number of (academic) hospitals, on various studies and we ensure that we always continuously in possession of the necessary certifications.

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Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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