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Three benchmarks of a healthy lifestyle

Three benchmarks of a healthy lifestyle

8 January 2019  •  readingtime 2 minutes

Living consciously. The magazines are full of it. But how can you actually do it? Do you struggle with this question as well? We all of course want to have a long, happy and healthy life. And luckily you can have a great influence on this yourself. We have drafted a list of the three most important benchmarks including useful tips you can already get started with today!

Making conscious decisions in your nutrition helps preventing health issues. A bad eating pattern can lead to obesity, diabetes, fatigue, as well as cardiovascular disease. That is why it’s important to think twice about what you eat. But what is healthy and what is not? Fresh, not too fat and not too much is a good starting point. Do you want personal advice, based on your wishes and needs? Make an appointment with a nutritionist. Because even if you are eating healthy, your body can display signals you cannot ignore. Can’t your body handle specific foods? Act on it. You know your body best after all.

You of course already know that exercise is healthy. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, a high cholesterol and even reduces risk on a heart attack. Besides that, you will keep your joints and muscles flexible and strong, which reduces the chance of back pain and other annoying injuries. Which sport is good for you depends on several factors. Depending on your physical condition, goals and needs, there are numerous possibilities to have some good exercise. You can have a personal training schedule drawn up by a gym or personal trainer to be sure that you train responsibly. And choose a sport you like or look for a sports buddy, to keep your motivation on the right level.

Do you not like sports? That’s possible! Then make sure that you have an active lifestyle. Ride your bike, take a walk, take the stairs and grab a basket instead of a trolley in the supermarket. And if you do take your car, park it a bit further from the entrance. Every step counts!

Do you have an office job? Frequently take a walk, alternate sitting while working and standing (there are desks that provide an easy transition from sitting to standing nowadays), get a breath of fresh air in your lunch break and eat healthy snacks. This is not only healthy, but also improves your concentration and productivity.

Maybe you don’t realise this, but stress is a big malefactor in causing health issues. A certain amount of stress is fine, but as soon as it gets too much your body will protest. If you experience stress for a long time, complaints like headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure and even increase in weight can arise.

Start with a baseline measurement

If you have attention for these ingredients for a healthier and conscious lifestyle, then you are well on your way. A healthy basis in your daily life is most important after all! Preventative examinations can perfectly help you support this lifestyle. It provides insight in your physical condition and if you would want to change your lifestyle, then the results of your first body scan is a nice baseline measurement.

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