The power of repeat examinations

Periodical preventative examination; the power of repetition

A healthy diet, enough exercise, limiting stress and maintaining a good weight are of great importance to the condition of your immune system. Feeling fit and healthy contributes to your overall well-being. And if you want to be sure that you’re healthy, a periodic moment of measuring is essential. You only really know the state of your health after a check-up.

How do you get grip on your health?

If you love life, you want to have grip on your health and don’t want any negative surprises. Of course, receiving the results of a preventative examination can be exciting. That is why at Prescan you will receive your results immediately after a Total Body Scan, even before you leave the clinic. And if there is any reason for further examination, we will certainly discuss the following steps with you. The early detection of a disease is significantly more pleasant than finding out too late something is wrong. Usually diseases are easier to treat when they are detected early.

Is a Total Body Scan a snapshot?

Ideally you would want to go home with positive results. You want to leave the clinic relieved and reassured, with at most a few tips for a more vital life. And then? Is that the end? Absolutely not. With the results of your first Total Body Scan you will have an excellent benchmark of your health. If you would repeat the examination after a period of time, any possible deviations can be spotted immediately. You can compare it with a dentist appointment: even if there is nothing wrong with your teeth, you will periodically repeat your check-up at the dentist.

The importance of repeat examinations

Our clients also know the importance of repeat examinations. “By having myself examined annually and comparing the MRI-images, a deviation in my prostate was revealed immediately the last time I had a check-up. After further examination it appeared to be an aggressive form of prostate cancer. Now, I have been operated and after a post-operative check-up it was determined that I am completely healthy again.” – Gerard ten Vregeler, 59

Periodical check-up

Just like the dentist reaches out to you for a periodical check, we generally advise you to have a check-up every 2-3 years to maintain grip on your health. With periodical check-ups we do not only measure your health at that moment; we also compare the results with those of previous years.

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