Should you consider a Total Body Scan?


It might have crossed your mind already: Do I need a Total Body Scan?  It is quite the step to answer this question with a confident “yes”. How do you make that decision? And what are the procedures following the decision? We would like to tell you all about it.

Preventative examination fitted to your needs and wishes

All bodies are different. Which is why you will, in cooperation with a medical examination coordinator, create a preventative medical examination that suits your body and concerns best. This examination package depends on your physical condition, lifestyle, personal risk factors and possible hereditary diseases. After adjusting your examination package to your needs, we will try to find a date for your examination that suits you best. You will receive a map with route to our clinic and practical information about your examination when your examination date has been confirmed. We send this information with the confirmation to make sure you are well-prepared and know what you can expect.

Personal chaperone in the clinic

Once you arrive in the hospital, you will discuss your examination programme with your personal chaperone. If you have any questions about the examinations that day, you can ask them at that moment. After talking with your personal chaperone, you will proceed to your first examination of the day.

How long does the examination take?

The duration of your day at Prescan depends completely on your examination package. Normally the examinations will take about half a day. If you will undergo any specific examinations or add multiple examinations, it can take longer than normally.

Results of your examination

We try to give you as much information as possible during your examination day. Your results will be discussed with the radiologists and physicians as far as the knowledge is there during your examination day. Our doctors know the difference between threatening deviations and non-threatening ones. Most of the time no threatening deviations are found. If there are, you will not be alone. Our doctors will provide immediate advice and follow-up. You will receive a detailed written report within 14 days after your examination.

How often should I do an examination?

The human body is constantly in motion. Just like the dentist reminds you for your periodical check-up, preventative medical examination also should be repeated. Depending on your results and risk factors, our doctors will provide you with advice about the repetition of your examination. The common advice is to repeat an examination every 2 or 3 years.

Do you want a conversation about preventative medical examination? Or are you interested in a Total Body Scan? We will gladly make time for you. Call us at 0345 – 257 0012 or email us at

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