Duncan Bannatyne at Prescan


"My trip to Prescan gave me peace of mind."

Duncan Bannatyne O.B.E  D Sc is a 59 yr old entrepreneur, businessman and best selling author. He is most famous for his appearance as a business angel or Dragon on the BBC programme Dragon’s Den. His first book “Anyone can do it” sold more than 200,000 copies. Duncan is also known for his charity work in Romania where he has funded several projects, notably a hospice for orphans with HIV and AIDS. He is married and has 6 children.

"A friend of mine urged me to have a preventative screen and I saw a Prescan advertisement in the paper.
I am soon to become a grandfather and realised my own mortality!
I am very interested in keeping fit and healthy and promote this in my health clubs.

My screening procedure in Harley St was extensive and covered MRI scans of my brain, carotid arteries, abdomen and pelvis. I then had a resting ECG and Echocardiogram.
The screening also included Blood Pressure measurement, Peak Flow lung analysis, urine analysis and comprehensive blood tests including haematology, biochemistry and microbiology. My glucose and cholesterol levels were assessed as was my PSA. (A tumor marker for prostate cancer).
My images were explained to me by a Radiologist straight afterwards and I received a GP consultation the next day where he explained all of my reports and subsequent follow up I required."