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Autumn fatigue

Autumn Fatigue

23 October 2018  •  readingtime 2 minutes

The summer is over; the sun doesn’t shine as much as it used to and the days are shorter. Autumn is here. A period in which the outdoor life is slowly moving inside, while we sometimes surprisingly are able to enjoy a beautiful late summer day. But because of the autumn weather a lot of people can feel their energy levels decreasing. You are starting to get tired, you will come home from a long working day when it is already dark outside and you are more irritable than before. Is this recognisable? Then you might be suffering from autumn fatigue.

In medical terms autumn fatigue is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): a state of mind that is disrupted by the change of the seasons. The complaints can go from slight fatigue to an actual depression. The complaints have one common cause which is the lack of (sun)light. So it is not all in your head and you are even able to improve your state of min

  1. Making sure you see enough daylight is one of the ways to decrease your autumn fatigue complaints. That is simply done by having a walk during your lunch break.
  2. Eating healthy and frequently will help obtain a balanced metabolism. This contributes to maintaining a good energy level.
  3. Exercising might sound crazy if you are already fatigued, but it is actually the contrary, exercising can make you feel fitter. A great bonus: the endorfines that your body produces during excersising give a relaxed feeling. Not just physically, but also mentally. This won’t only make you fitter, but you will sleep better as well for example.
  4. Talking about sleeping: a good night rest is essential for an energetic feeling during the day. So make sure you get enough sleep. Maintaining a steady sleeping schedule is essential.
  5. Lastly, it is important that during this temporary dip, you learn to accept your energy level. Do note: accepting is not the same as not doing anything about it. Be aware that this is temporary and that with the tips mentioned above you can take steps in the right direction.

Do these tips not help you or are you scared that there is something wrong with you anyway? You know your body best. Doubt and uncertainty will only lead to (unnecessary) tension. Do you want to rule out one or more diseases, do plan a consult with your GP. Sometimes a simple blood test will give you enough information. Do you want a full check-up or examination without referral? Our team will of course always be at your service. For a call with one of our examination coördinators please call 0345 – 257 0012.

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