A check-up, quite logical if you think about it


A check-up, quite logical if you think about it

So many people, so many different wishes. All our clients are unique. Lianne tells us about her lifestyle and how a check-up fits right in:

The past years I have been thinking about getting a complete check-up. Initially because my mother passed away without a clear cause at a young age. But oddly enough, that wasn’t the reason I planned a Total Body Scan.

A very busy life

You could recognise it: a fun but busy job, a family with children, a good social life AND a partner; all aspects in my life that need my attention. All aspects of my life are equally great and the combination of all these aspects is the reason my life is so precious. Considering everything that is going on, however much fun it may be, I choose to live consciously. Precisely because I want to enjoy all the beautiful things in life as much as possible. I feel best when I feel fit. I respond more calmly, the balance between work and private life is better and I have the energy to deal with the daily hectic life and I am even able to enjoy it.

Exercising to stay physically and mentally fit

To feel fit, for me personally it is a must to exercise regularly. I exercise 3 times per week, though I realise that I still do not fully compensate the amount of time I spend sitting down at work in doing so. The combination of power training and kickboxing makes for a good combination of staying in shape and a good outlet. Literally clear my head and punching all troubles away. I get an enormous boost out of it, both mentally and physically.

Healthy and tasty food go perfectly fine together

Eating is almost a hobby of mine. I can intensely enjoy a lovely meal, I enjoy almost every kind of food and am always hungry. Being together with my friends and family will very quickly be joined with something nice to eat as well. During the week I eat consciously; healthy, varied and nutritious. I also eat consciously during the weekend, but because I have a lot of dinners outside of the house I have the tendency to lean more towards enjoying nice food than having a nutritious meal. This is my way of staying in balance and over the past few years I have decided that enjoying life can be my priority, both during weekdays and weekends. After all, being healthy and enjoying life do go hand in hand.

Am I as healthy as I feel?

It could be clear by now; I love my life. I hope that I can enjoy it for a long time still, which is why I take good care of myself. That is the reason why I chose to get a Total Body Scan a few months ago. It felt like a logical choice considering my lifestyle. I feel good, pay attention to my health and wanted to know if I am actually as fit and healthy as I feel.

A Total Body Scan is quite exciting

I must confess: no matter how healthy I feel, when I was waiting for the results in the clinic, I did think it was quite exciting. Laying in the MRI-scan a thought crossed my mind as well: ‘What if…?’. With 2 young kids and a happy marriage I have a lot to live for and I deem myself rich. What if something would come in the way of that? Fortunately, enough nothing did. I went home with positive results. Even though I realise that you cannot completely control your health, the results did strengthen my motivation to maintain a conscious lifestyle. I cannot control everything, but the aspects of life I can influence, I take very seriously. Precisely because I want to enjoy all the beautiful things that are, and that are yet to come. I love life.

Because of privacy reasons, we have changed the name of the person telling the story. Prescan does have her real contact information.

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