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Prescan’s response to the Coronavirus.

26 November 2020

At Prescan UK, the health and wellbeing of our patients and our team are our top priority and we want to reassure you of the diligence of our approach. The clinical…

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A check-up, quite logical if you think about it

13 June 2019

So many people, so many different wishes. All our clients are unique.…

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Should you consider a Body Scan?

6 May 2019

It might have crossed your mind already: Do I need a Body Scan? It is…

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Experience our new MRI scanner in London.
Experience our new MRI scanner in London.
15 December 2020

Our newly opened screening centre in the heart of London has the latest 3T scanner. This state-of-the-art…

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The power of repeat examinations
Periodical preventative examination; the power of repetition
27 February 2019

A healthy diet, enough exercise, limiting stress and maintaining a good weight are of great importance to the…

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Three benchmarks of a healthy lifestyle
Three benchmarks of a healthy lifestyle
8 January 2019

Living consciously. The magazines are full of it. But how can you actually do it? Do you struggle with this…

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What do you do when you have abdominal pains?
What to do when you have abdominal pains
6 November 2018

A big part of the population deals with abdominal pain. Abdominal pain is a broad subject, in which most of…

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Autumn fatigue
Autumn Fatigue
23 October 2018

The summer is over; the sun doesn’t shine as much as it used to and the days are shorter. Autumn is here. A…

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Eddy van Heel
‘Preventative scanning saved my life’
16 October 2018

An undefinable pain or vague complaints about your body. It is not always possible to see what is wrong on…

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