MRI scan upper abdomen

MRI scan upper abdomen

What is it?

Abdominal pain is a fairly broad concept and has many causes. Many people suffer from abdominal pain. Performing an MRI scan is a reliable examination method to detect where the symptoms originate.

Is this something for me?

You can have an MRI scan of the upper abdomen performed if you have long-term symptoms without any signs of improvement. An upper abdominal scan can be performed without a referral from a physician.

The benefits

  • Within 1 week a scan in our clinic
  • Medical specialists
  • Direct contact with the GP
  • Examination without referral
  • Including a CD-ROM with images

MRI upper abdomen £725

* All specified MRI scans are exclusive £20 intake charge

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Why an MRI scan of the abdomen?

Do you have persistent pain in the abdomen or upper abdomen? Then you obviously want to know what the underlying cause is as soon as possible. An MRI Scan Abdomen can then offer a solution. The technique is also suitable for a follow-up examination, for example, when no visible cause for your symptoms could be found during an X-ray examination.

In general, a better diagnosis can be made with an MRI of the upper abdomen than, for example, using ultrasound. Hundreds of images are taken of your body by using a large magnetic field. In doing so, a physician can soon obtain greater clarity about possible abnormalities or diseases in one of the organs (kidneys, pancreas, spleen, liver and gall bladder).

You can have an MRI Scan Upper abdomen performed by Prescan without a referral from your GP. You do not have to deal with a long waiting list. You can frequently be helped within a week. You receive the results and expert advice from a physician the week after the examination so that you know where you stand. The advantage is that you could start on a possible course of treatment at an early stage. This increases the chance of a cure or full recovery. You are reassured if nothing is found on the scan.

One of the nurses will gladly advise you of the options for undergoing an MRI scan in a personal advisory consultation.

Organs in an MRI Scan Upper Abdomen

The MRI scan creates images for the different organs in the upper abdomen: kidneys, pancreas, spleen, liver and gall bladder. The images can provide greater clarity on the presence of, for example, cysts, tumours or inflammation.

You pass through an MRI scanner to create MRI images. During scanning, you lie on a comfortable couch, which is pushed into a kind of tunnel. The tunnel is open at both the front and back. If you find lying in the tunnel claustrophobic, you may have someone with you in the MRI room. A nurse will be on stand-by to provide information and, if necessary, to put you at ease. In addition, during the MRI scan, you have a bell that you can use to interrupt the scan in emergencies.   

Upper-abdominal complaints

Many people suffer from pain in the upper abdomen. Abdominal pain or upper abdominal pain is a broad concept, in which the abdomen or the stomach region is indicated as the painful region in most cases. Pain in the abdomen or upper abdomen is a complaint that was once underestimated. The expectation is that it will go away by itself, but that is not always the case. Persistent symptoms around the abdomen could be indicative of various diseases, for example, a cyst, tumour or inflammation. An MRI scan of the upper abdomen can quickly provide clarity on the possible cause of the symptoms. 

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