Pelvic MRI scan

MRI scan of the pelvis

What is it?

Hundreds of images are created of your pelvis during a pelvic MRI scan. In so doing, you can gain insight into your complaints, for example, wear or abnormalities of the spinal cord. 

For whom?

If you have had long-term pain around the pelvic area, you obviously want to know where this pain comes from and, more importantly, how you can get rid of this pain. An MRI scan of the pelvis can offer a solution.

The advantages

You can frequently be helped with a pelvic scan within 1 day without referral. Prescan has a large team of physicians, spread across various clinics in the Netherlands and Germany.


MRI-scan pelvis £725

* All specified MRI scans are exclusive £20 intake charge

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Why a pelvic MRI scan?

Many people in the Netherlands suffer from pain in the pelvis. When the pain is recurrent, it can severely limit your daily functioning. You frequently also adopt a different gait unconsciously, which causes even more complaints to develop. It is important to find out what is going on as soon as possible. An MRI scan immediately provides you with insight into the causes of your symptoms. The advantage is that you could start on a possible course of treatment at an early stage. This increases the chance of a cure or recovery.

In general, a better diagnosis can be made with a pelvic MRI scan than with an X-ray. The scanner takes hundreds of images of your pelvis by using a large magnetic field. By using MRI images, a physician can detect any abnormality or disease, for example, an inflammation of the pelvis minor, a tumour or wear (arthrosis) of the hip joints.

At Prescan, you can have a pelvic MRI scan without a referral from your GP. Moreover, you do not have to deal with a long waiting period. You can frequently be helped within a day. You receive the results and expert advice from a physician immediately after the examination so that you know where you stand right away.

  • Pelvic floor and pelvis minor

    The pelvis connects your torso with your legs and plays an important part in posture and movement. The inside of the pelvis consists of two parts:

    -          the large pelvis, the upper part of the pelvis, where a large section of the intestines is located.

    -          the small pelvis: the lower part of the pelvis, where the bladder, vagina, the uterus, ovaries, rectum and the pelvic floor are located in women and the bladder, prostate, rectum and pelvic floor are located in men.

    Both men and women can suffer from chronic pain in the pelvic floor and the pelvis minor.

  • Pelvic instability or wear of the hip joints

    Pelvic instability is a condition that is most common in pregnant women, but can also be caused by trauma. Men can also suffer from pelvic instability.

    Wear (arthrosis) is also very common in the Netherlands. No less than 20,000 new cases of arthrosis of the hip joints are detected annually, especially in people aged over 55. Twice as many women as men suffer from wear of the hip joints.

  • What does a pelvic MRI cost?

    During a pelvic MRI scan, all parts of the pelvis are examined: pelvis minor, large pelvis and pelvic floor muscles (referred to as the pelvic floor for short). Moreover, images are created of any bone fractures, swelling/bruising and joint problems, such as wear/arthrosis of the hip joints.

    One of the nurses will gladly advise you of the options for undergoing an MRI scan in a personal advisory consultation. The price for a pelvic MRI scan is 440 Euro.

    Many people suffer from pelvic pain caused by pelvic instability, wear or other abnormalities such as tumours. An MRI scan provides more insight into these symptoms by creating images of the pelvis, possible bone fractures, swelling/bruising and joint problems.

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