MRI scan head and brain

MRI scan head and MRI scan brain

What is an MRI head scan?

An MRI scan of the head can provide more insight into (long-term) complaints, such as severe headache and migraine. The skull and brain are also mapped during this scan, for example, to provide more clarity on the condition of the blood vessels.

Is this something for me?

When you suffer from recurrent headaches or when there are genetic disorders in the family, an MRI scan of the head and an MRI scan of the brain can offer a solution.


The benefits

  • Within 1 week a scan in our clinic
  • Medical specialists
  • Direct contact with the GP
  • Examination without referral
  • Including a CD-ROM with images

MRI scan head and brain £725

* All specified MRI scans are exclusive £20 intake charge

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Why an MRI scan of the head and brain?

Regular recurrent headache (cluster headache, migraine, tension headache) is one of the most common complaints. The cause may have something to do with stress or psychological pressure. But it is also possible that there is something exerting pressure on certain areas of the brain. An MRI scan of the head and of the brain can provide you with more clarity on the cause of the complaints, because an examination with MRI images provides more information than, for example, an X-ray. On the scan images, we look at the skull. the brain, narrowing/dilation of the blood vessels, brain damage and brain tumours.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a technique for examining in detail the most vital organs and blood vessels. During the examination, the MRI scanner creates a large number of images of your head and brain by using a large magnetic field. Cross-sections can be created in this way. The computer presents the images as slices to facilitate subsequent assessment of the results. Our specialist can view the images at any random angle, allowing them to observe details from 5 mm.

During scanning, you lie on a comfortable couch, which is pushed into a kind of tunnel. The tunnel is open at both the front and back. If you find lying in the tunnel claustrophobic, you may have someone with you in the MRI room. A nurse will be on stand-by to provide information and, if necessary, to put you at ease. In addition, during the MRI scan, you have a bell that you can use to interrupt the scan in emergencies.

More about the MRI head scan

  • How long does it takes before you get the result?

    We understand that you immediately want to know where you are. That is why we go through the results of the MRI scan with in the following week after the examination. You receive the recorded images on a CD-ROM within 2 weeks by Royal mail.

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