The power of repetition.

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The lifecycle programme

Prescan is your partner for healthy living, and lifecycle gives that partnership an extra dimension. If you opt for it, we’ll call you every year for a preventive medical examination. Our regular health checks enable us to not only monitor your health at that point, but also compare the results with those of previous years.


The lifecycle programme in short:

  • Annual call by Prescan
  • Regular tailored health checks
  • Control over your health
  • Comparison of the reports and images with those from previous years
  • Based on medical advice from doctors

Optimal insight into your health

The lifecycle is based on medical advice from doctors. Prescan uses the annual examination cycle to monitor any changes in your health. As a result, complaints and diseases can be detected, treated and hopefully prevented at an early stage. Think, for example, of high cholesterol levels, narrowing of the veins, reduced lung function or traces of blood in the stool.

The human body is constantly in motion, so it makes sense to get a regular health check.

Customised extension

The annual lifecycle examination can be expanded according to your wishes, because each body is different. Targeted examinations provide insight into specific complaints or the effect of your lifestyle on your body. This could involve an MRI scan of joints or organs, or blood tests aimed at athletic performance, fatigue or the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

No need to worry about re-scheduling

You won’t need to put a reminder in your agenda to make sure you don’t forget your repeat visit. As a member of our exclusive lifecycle programme, Prescan will automatically call you up.

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