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Unlocking Health: How a Comprehensive Bodyscan Excellent with a Blood Test Can Help You Achieve Optimal Wellness

A total body MRI scan, physical examination, and blood test combination is an effective way to assess overall health and screen for diseases. By working with radiology experts and medical professionals, potential health risks can be identified and early disease detection is possible. Personalized advice and recommendations for improving health will be provided along with the results of the screenings.

What will be examined and what insights will I gain?
A body scan - also known as a health scan or total body scan - gives you insights into your current health situation through five targeted MRI scans.

Prescan believes that everyone has the right to gain insight into his or her own body and health.

Preventive medical examination through a body scan, consists of five targeted MRI scans of: skull & brain, neck vessels, chest, upper abdomen and lower abdomen. All examinations are assessed by medical specialists. You receive the results immediately and your MRI images are always accessible and easy for you to share. This gives you instant insight into your health.

Components body scan excellent

- MRI scans skull & brain
- MRI scan cervical vessels
- MRI scan thorax
- MRI scan upper abdomen
- MRI scan lower abdomen
- Extended cardiological examination
- Dermatological examination (skin examination)
- Blood test

Medical History

The medical questionnaire is reviewed with you online or on the phone before the examination. You can also fill in the form by yourself with information about your medical history, current lifestyle, and health situation.

5 targeted MRI scans
An MRI scan is a non-invasive and safe method for detecting potential health risks and diseases. Along with a blood test, it provides an accurate evaluation of your overall health without exposing you to harmful X-rays. The scan lasts about 60 minutes and covers areas like the skull & brain, neck vessels, chest, upper abdomen, and lower abdomen. You lie comfortably on a table and listen to music during the procedure. If you have claustrophobia, a personal attendant will assist you, and you can notify the lab technician if you feel uncomfortable. However, avoid wearing metal and makeup during the scan, as they may interfere with the examination.

Blood test

Laboratory tests are also available, including cholesterol, glucose, kidney function, liver function, iron, vitamin D, and a large blood count. Additional laboratory tests for vitamins and minerals, hormones, or allergies are also available.

However, the MRI images cannot make a statement about the functioning of organs, complaints that only manifest themselves in a certain posture or situation, general complaints such as weight loss, weight gain, or general malaise, fat distribution, osteoporosis, and muscular rheumatism.

It is important to prioritize one's health and undergo regular examinations, including radiology and cardiology, to maintain good health and detect any abnormalities at an early stage.

Most chosen examination
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • CT heart (calcium score check)
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
Complete insight into your health in 5 steps.

What can you expect when you opt for a health check at Prescan? We have listed it step by step for you; from the intake and planning of your appointment to the research results and our aftercare.

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