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Understanding Back Pain Symptoms: Could It Be a Hernia?

Back pain is usually the result of improper lifting, poor posture, or repetitive movements. The symptoms of back pain are often limited to the lower back, which is also the region where most people experience back pain or discomfort, but it can also be caused by conditions such as a hernia. Sometimes this pain can radiate to the leg. Back pain or discomfort that occurs less frequently are upper and middle back pain. These complaints are certainly not less annoying and, like lower back pain, should be checked if you have been suffering from them for more than a week. It is wise to contact your GP in this case. The GP can assess whether further investigation is necessary, such as an MRI scan, and can write a referral to a specialist.

Causes of back pain
Because back pain can occur in different parts of the back, the causes can also differ. Below are the most important possible causes per area highlighted.

Cause of upper back pain

Can be caused by your working posture, such as sitting in a chair which is too low or using a desk which is too high. People who frequently work with their arms above their head, like painters, may also experience upper back pain. Repetitive arm movements , such as those who play tennis or activities like vacuuming, ironing can also lead to upper back pain. Tension and stress can contribute to upper back pain as well. Stress can lead to a tense and cramped posture, which can result in discomfort in the upper back area. In rare cases upper back pain can be a symptom of other underlying conditions, these may include fractures, or bruising of the ribs, stomach problems, tumors or even heart problems. If you have concerns about your health get an accurate diagnosis with Prescan.

Cause of mid-back pain

Incorrect work, posture, weaker muscles, due to limited movement, overloading, stress and tension can all contribute to mid-back pain. Similar to upper back pain, these factors can lead to muscle cramping and discomfort in the mid-back region. Less commonly, mid back pain can be caused by a hernia or bone fracture. In older individuals, back pain can arise from wear and tear of the spine known as Osteoarthritis, or from vertebral collapse , these conditions can weaken the bones and structures of the spine, leading to mid-back pain. Another cause can be related to our lungs during periods of cold or flu when frequent coughing occurs, severe back pain in the mid-back region can be experienced.

Cause of lower back pain

Overloading, and incorrect movements due to activities, like lifting heavy objects or exercise can lead to lower back pain. In women, lower back pain can also arise due to complaints from the abdomen. Think of complaints from the uterus during menstruation. In a very small percentage, complaints in the lower back can arise from a possible bone fracture or tumor. In some cases, lower back pain can also be caused by degenerative changes in the spine, such as spinal stenosis or a bulging disc.

Most chosen examination
  • Doctor consultation included
  • Neck vertebrae
  • Middle back
  • Lower back
  • Complete spinal cord
  • Doctor consultation included
  • Cervical vertebrae
  • Neck hernia
  • Wear (arthrosis)
  • Restrictions on movement
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
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