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Transform Your Lifestyle with Comprehensive Bodyscan Plus

What will be examined and what insights will I gain?
A Comprehensive Body Scan, including targeted MRI scans of the bones and spine, provides insights into your current health situation. In addition, a detailed cardiological examination assesses the health of your heart. To complete the assessment, a laboratory test is conducted on your blood and urine.

Prescan believes that everyone has the right to gain insight into his or her own body and health.

Preventive medical examination by body scan, consists of five focused MRI scans of: skull & brain, neck vessels, chest, upper abdomen and lower abdomen. Not all risk factors are visible on an MRI scan. Therefore, when you have a body scan plus, you also get a comprehensive cardiological examination and laboratory tests, which can be supplemented by a dermatological examination. All examinations are assessed by medical specialists. You receive the results immediately and your MRI images are always accessible and easy for you to share. This gives you instant insight into your health.

Content body scan plus:
- MRI scan skull & brain
- MRI scan cervical vessels
- MRI scan thorax
- MRI scan upper abdomen
- MRI scan lower abdomen
- Extended cardiological examination
- Laboratory test

How does the examination take place?

The body scan plus consists of 5 focused MRI scans, a comprehensive cardiological examination and a laboratory test.

Bodyscan Plus

A body scan is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that detects potential risk factors and diseases without exposing you to radiation. The scan involves five targeted MRI scans, which take approximately 60 minutes and cover various body parts such as the skull & brain, neck vessels, chest, upper abdomen, and lower abdomen. It's important to remain still during the scan, and individuals with claustrophobia can be accompanied by a personal attendant. To avoid interference, metal objects such as jewelry or clothes with metal elements should not be worn, and no makeup should be applied.

Comprehensive cardiological examination and blood test

The comprehensive cardiological examination evaluates heart function and detects any possible abnormalities through an echocardiogram, ECG, bicycle test, and laboratory examination of blood and urine. The medical history questionnaire covers your medical history, current lifestyle, and health situation, while biometry measures your height, weight, blood pressure, and calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI).

The cardiologist uses ultrasound to examine the heart valves, ventricles, thickness of the heart muscle, blood flow of the heart, and the heart's pumping function. A resting heart monitor (ECG) measures heart function through electrical activity, and a bicycle test takes a heart film while you exercise. After the examinations, the cardiologist discusses the results during a consultation, and laboratory tests are conducted on blood and urine samples.

While MRI scans are useful for identifying potential risks, they cannot assess organ function, complaints in specific postures, general complaints like weight loss or gain, fat distribution, osteoporosis, or muscular rheumatism. If further investigation is necessary, you will be referred to a GP or medical specialist.

Most chosen examination
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • CT heart (calcium score check)
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
Complete insight into your health in 5 steps.

What can you expect when you opt for a health check at Prescan? We have listed it step by step for you; from the intake and planning of your appointment to the research results and our aftercare.

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