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Expert Advice for Your MRI Body Scan: What You Need to Know

A total body scan using MRI is a valuable tool for early disease detection and proactive healthcare. It involves a team of medical professionals who can provide personalized advice based on your results. If you're concerned about your health or have specific symptoms, a body scan can provide insights and explanations. However, not all risk factors can be detected by an MRI scan, in the UK we do not offer cardiological and dermatological examinations only a CT heart examination.

Content body scan basic:

- MRI scan skull & brain
- MRI scan cervical vessels
- MRI scan thorax
- MRI scan upper abdomen
- MRI scan lower abdomen

How does the examination work?
The MRI scan focuses on detecting risk factors and (possible) diseases. This examination method is easily accessible, provides a lot of information and is not harmful to your health. For example, no X-rays are involved.

The basic body scan takes about 60 minutes. During the MRI scan, you take a seat on a comfortable couch. This is slid into a tunnel, which is open at the top and the bottom .The scanner makes a loud ticking sound while taking the images, for this you are given headphones with which you can listen to music.

It is important not to move during an MRI scan. Are you claustrophobic? That need not be a problem if you want to undergo a body scan. Your personal attendant will be with you until the scan to put you at ease. Just before the scan, you will receive a buzzer to hold in your hand and if you feel claustrophobic during the MRI scan, you can let the lab technician know just by pushing the buzzer and they will come in to you.

The MRI scanner has a high attraction to metal and this is detrimental to the examination. It is therefore important that you do not wear any metal in the scanner (such as jewellery, keys, hairpins or metal in your clothing such as zips on buttons). We will also ask you beforehand if you have worked with metals or if there are any metals in your body. If you have worked with metal, you may carry metal shavings with you without knowing it. Finally, no make-up should be worn during the examination as make-up sometimes contains metal particles.

When will I receive the results of my examination?

The radiologist will discuss the examination results with you immediately after the examination. So you know immediately where you stand. As we are concerned about you and your health, our radiologist takes the time to discuss the results with you. And if anything is found that needs to be looked at more closely, we will ensure a proper transfer to your GP or medical specialist. This way, you know exactly where you stand and remain in control of your health.

What advice cannot be given with this examination? While an MRI scan provides detailed images, it cannot assess certain aspects such as the functioning of organs, complaints related to posture or general issues like weight loss, weight gain or malaise. It also cannot detect fat distribution, osteoporosis and muscular rheumatism. It is important to seek appropriate medical advice for these concerns.

Most chosen examination
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • Five MRI scans of your vital organs and arteries
  • Laboratory testing
  • CT heart (calcium score check)
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