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What does an examination day look like?

What does an examination day look like?

An examination day

Gain insight into your health in a single day, from the best doctors using the latest examination techniques. The example below describes the body scan plus, including the additional laboratory research.

– Welcome
After being welcomed to the clinic, you will meet your personal attendant. The programme will be reviewed with you and finalised.

– Pre-consultation with the general practitioner
During the pre-consultation, you will discuss the medical questionnaire with the GP. Your blood pressure will be taken. The pre-consultation gives you the opportunity to ask the GP any questions regarding your medical history and the body scan.

– MRI scan
Time for the MRI scan. The lab technician will explain how the examination works and give you instructions on how to breathe. During the scan, you will be lying on a comfortable bed that slides into a kind of tunnel that is open at both ends. You can select music to listen to during the examination. The MRI scanner records hundreds of images of your head, carotid arteries, lungs, and upper and lower abdomen. The MRI scan takes about 50 minutes. If you have opted for an additional MRI scan of your knee or shoulder, for example, the examination will take longer.

– Lunch time
You are free go to one of the many establishments close to our centre. While you have lunch, the radiologist will analyse the examination results.

11am – Results & advice
After lunch, you will receive your MRI results by the consultant radiologist.

– Departure

You will receive a digital download with the MRI footage. The examination results, as well as the lab results, will be available within two weeks. You will receive a GP telephone consultation for this.

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