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We consider it vitally important that you are satisfied with our services.

Our clients come first -before, during and after the examination. That’s why we would like to know how you experienced the examination day and the interaction with Prescan. The examination matter a great deal to us, but so does your overall experience: from the moment you first contact Prescan to the moment you leave the clinic and receive the results. Every step matters and we would like to know how you experienced the overall process. Send us a compliment, suggestion or complaint. We value any kind of feedback and will use it to continuously improve our services.

‘I just wanted to say ‘Thank you’ to Prescan for offering an amazing life changing service. I can’t recommend you highly enough, this health check has made me more passionate about living and making new dietary and well-being decisions.’ Cindy Wilday
‘I have left a negative review before, but this has been resolved nicely. I am very satisfied with the offered solution!’ Anonymous

If, in your opinion, the discussion of your complaint has an insufficient result, you can submit a complaint via: The complaints officer will look at your complaint and send a confirmation of receipt within 10 days. The officer will handle your complaint by starting an independent investigation. She will try to solve your complaint in the short term and no later than six weeks after the complaint has been received.

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