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What is an MRI scan of the neck?

Many people suffer from neck complaints. There are various possible causes of neck complaints, such as incorrect work posture, cold or a neck hernia. An MRI scan of the neck can provide insight into these complaints.

Why get MRI scan of the neck?

Neck complaints affect a large part of the population. They can have a big impact: a persistent nagging or stabbing pain really affects the pleasures of daily life.

Head or neck complaints can have various causes, such as a neck hernia or disorder of the cervical vertebrae. The complaints could have something to do with incorrect posture when working or straining the neck. Cold, tension and stress can also play a significant role in a stiff neck, or the complaints may also be the result of trauma or the natural ageing of the cartilage in the neck. It is important to obtain a fast, accurate diagnosis on the nature of the complaints. Because the sooner any disorders are detected, the better they to be treated.

Why get a MRI scan of the neck hernia and cervical vertebrae?

An MRI scan of your neck can provide you with clarity on the cause of the complaints. An examination by MRI provides more information than, for example, an X-ray On the scans, we look at the cervical vertebrae, for neck hernia, wear (arthrosis) and restrictions on movement.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a technique for examining in detail the most vital organs and blood vessels. During the examination, the MRI scanner creates a large number of images of your neck by using a large magnetic field. Cross-sections can be created in this way, and the computer presents the images as slices to facilitate subsequent assessment of the results. Our specialists can view the images at any random angle, allowing them to observe details from 5 mm.

During scanning, you lie on a comfortable couch, which is pushed into a kind of tunnel. The tunnel is open at both the front and back. If you find lying in the tunnel claustrophobic, you may have someone with you in the MRI room. A nurse will be on stand-by to provide information and, if necessary, put you at ease. In addition, during the MRI scan, you have a bell you can use to interrupt the scan in case of emergency.

Anyone wishing to have an MRI neck scan performed via the regular healthcare channels often has to deal with long waiting lists. With Prescan, you never have to wait too long to obtain greater clarity on your health. We can help you with an MRI scan of the neck – without referral - within just one week. You learn the results the week after the examination, so you know where you stand. You receive the recorded images on a CD-ROM.

One of the nurses will gladly advise you of the options for undergoing an MRI scan in a personal advisory consultation.


  • A scan in our clinic within one week
  • Medical specialists
  • Direct contact with the GP
  • Examination without referral
  • Includes a CD-ROM with images
Content & price

MRI scan neck

Targeted examination of:
  • Doctor consultation included
  • Cervical vertebrae
  • Neck hernia
  • Wear (arthrosis)
  • Restrictions on movement
  • Duration of the examination
    Duration of the examination
    30 min
  • Results within
    same day
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