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What exactly will be examined with a body scan excellent?

The body scan excellent consists of MRI scans of your vital organs and blood vessels, as well as a CT scan of the heart, which screens for calcification of the coronary arteries. We also analyse your blood, urine and stool.

What does a body scan excellent offer?

The body scan excellent provides insight into your current overall health, but it can also provide an explanation for any medical complaints. Early detection can save lives. A body scan excellent consists of MRI scans of your vital organs and blood vessels, CT scan of the heart/calcification score and a laboratory examination. Everyone is different, so we have to design a tailor-made full body health scan.

Body scan excellent examinations

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Body scan excellent

Targeted examination of:
  • Skull and brain
  • Blood vessels to the brain (carotid arteries)
  • Lungs
  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Blood, urine and stools
  • Calcification of the coronary arteries
  • Infection of the heart muscle and pericardium
  • Partial view of the lungs
  • Duration of the examination
    Duration of the examination
    2-3 hours
  • Results within
    same day
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Why clients choose Prescan.
A tumor was discovered in my wife Emily’s lungs. She hadn’t smoked for 40 years. It came as a shock. Luckily, she was able to have an operation in time. And I turned out to have a large cyst on my liver. That was dealt with a few years later.
- George Gulley
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