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The incidence of colorectal cancer in the UK exceeds 40,000 new cases per year. Survival depends on the stage at which the tumour is detected. Septina9 is the only test for colorectal cancer screening in a blood sample that has a CE-IVD mark and FDA approval. The Septina9 test is a simple blood-based test for early detection of colorectal cancer. A negative result means that there is a 99% probability that you currently do not have colorectal cancer. Because your body is constantly in motion, this can change. Which is why we advise to repeat this test every 1-2 years.

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Even at the early stages, colorectal tumours shed genetic material or DNA into the bloodstream. The Septina9 test is able to spot that material or DNA in a blood sample. If there is a positive result, it indicates in a high probability that you might have colorectal cancer.

The Septina9 test is much more convenient than the other methods of examination. There are no dietary restrictions or laxatives required prior to the test unlike other bowel cancer screening methods and besides that, the blood sample can be taken at any time of the day.


The Septina9 test does not replace optical colonoscopy. Optical colonoscopy is still regarded as the gold standard screening test for detection of bowel cancer. Besides that, a negative colonoscopy would normally mean a low risk of developing bowel cancer for at least the next 5 years. However, the negative predictive value of Septina9 is about 99% while the gold standard colonoscopy has an estimated sensitivity of about 97%. The positive predictive value is about 45%, which means that one in two people that have been tested positively truly have colorectal cancer.

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Septina9 Examination £295,-

All targeted examinations do not include £35,- for intake-costs

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