Laboratory examination

A laboratory examination can show up diseases that cannot be seen on a scan

Why a laboratory examination?

Have you been feeling listless and tired lately? Do you suspect something is wrong with your body? Or do you just what to know more about your health as a precaution? A laboratory examination can then provide more clarity.

Prescan’s Total Body Scan gives a good indication of your health. The examination provides a good representation of the two- and three-dimensional structure of the major organs and blood vessels. But, a scan does not offer clarity on the functioning of an organ. It may therefore be advisable to do a laboratory examination based on a blood, urine and stool sample.

A laboratory examination can show up diseases that cannot be seen on a scan. You will learn more about the functioning of your organs (kidneys, thyroid, liver), your blood count, risk factors for cardiovascular disease (such as elevated glucose and/or elevated fat values) and the chance of certain types of cancer (bowel cancer, prostate cancer).

We look at numerous laboratory values during a laboratory examination. A laboratory examination frequently plays a key role in detecting a specific disease or abnormality. It helps determine the success of a treatment, but can also help in the prevention of a disease.


You do not receive the results of a laboratory examination immediately because some tests require cultivation before for further analysis by the laboratory physicians. The report with the measured values and recommendations is forwarded in 1 week.


Laboratory test £190*

*All targeted examinations are exclusive of the  £20,- for intake-costs

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More about the laboratory test

  • Values in a general blood test

    One or more test tubes with blood are taken from a vein (usually in the arm) for a general blood test. The tube contains an anticoagulant, which prevents the blood from clotting. In the laboratory different values will be checked. All these different values indicate your condition of your health.

    A general blood test consist, among other things, cholesterol levels in your blood, an important indicator for heart and vascular diseases. For men the PSA values are measured. This value gives a clear indication of the presence of prostate cancer. Further blood test give an indication about the haemoglobin concentration (the amount of oxygen carrying protein), the haematocrit (volume of red blood cells in the blood taken), the glucose level (blood sugar levels) the number of red and white blood cells and the amount of platelets.

  • Urine- and faeces test

    In addition to the general blood test the laboratory tests also consist of an urine and faeces test. Like this we get a more complete picture of your current health situation.

Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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