DNA testing

A DNA test to create a risk profile for the most common chronic and preventable diseases.

Why a preventative DNA test?

Based on your saliva sample, we will analyse your DNA. This test gives you a risk profile the most common chronic and preventable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes together with lifestyle advice how to lower these risks. 

The Prescan DNA check provides a comprehensive profiling of a client’s risk of the most common chronic and preventable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The risk calculations are derived from a whole genome DNA sample and an extensive online assessment of the client’s lifestyle and environmental factors. The Prescan DNA check also gives insight in which healthy behaviour could be adapted to lower these risks. The report will be discussed with the client by telephone with a DNA coach. Prescan can also provide targeted examinations based the client's disease risk profile.

A premium test

The Prescan test is a premium product. Compared to other DNA-tests on the market, it distinguishes itself by its high reliability, the specific selection of diseases and the actionability of the advice.

Type of diseases
The test focuses only on complex chronic diseases that can be prevented and treated*. We find it unethical to tell you about your genetic risk of diseases that you cannot do much about.

We believe that a DNA-test on health should be based on the highest levels of scientific evidence. The test therefore does not only take DNA into account, but also past and current lifestyle and environmental exposures for disease risk factor identification. Furthermore, each evidence-based risk estimate is individually traceable to the academic literature on the topic.

The test also includes preventive cues to action, i.e. what you can do to lower their disease risks. In order to facilitate the best health communication, this test is offered to you via knowledgeable health professionals.

*thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart attack, abdominal aneurysm, brain aneurysm, type 2 diabetes, COPD, breast cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and thyroid cancer. 

Additional information

  • How it works

    After you order your Prescan DNA test here, you will receive the DNA collection kit.

    You will provide a small sample of saliva and return this to us by post in a pre-paid return box, which is included in the collection kit. You will receive username and password to login to our website at which you are asked to complete an extensive online questionnaire about your lifestyle and environmental exposures. You need to take time to complete this meticulously as your risk profile is partly based on this. 

    Personal disease risks

    Based on your lifestyle and DNA profile, we will calculate your personal disease risks. These calculations will be solely based on the best and latest scientific evidence available.

    A personal telephone call

    Within a couple of weeks, you will receive an invitation for telephone call from one of our coaches to discuss your disease risk profile and a translation of these risks into a personalized lifestyle advice. After your consultation, the report will available to you online and be send to you as a personalized paperback book. Now, it is up to you to optimize your lifestyle.

  • Backed by science

    Our carefully developed algorithm is 100% evidence based. Prescan collaborates with Maastricht University and MyBasePair.com where our independent research team of geneticists and epidemiologists are based.

    They continuously work to review the latest scientific literature to ensure you only receive the most up-to-date report. These researchers also investigate the issues around genetic testing outside of the clinic, such as direct-to-consumer genetic testing, that are in current debate. They help to push the field of consumer genetics forward and have been asked by Elsevier to publish the first book in this field. This research, in turn, helps us to develop the best and most trustworthy products on the market at the cutting-edge of new technologies. 

  • How to order

    Please contact us to schedule a DNA test. 

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  • Terms & conditions

    I have purchased the Prescan DNA test of my own free will and without any prior medical indication. This test informs me about my relative risks for certain complex chronic and preventable diseases as indicated in the report. The report also gives me insight in what I can do to lower these risks. The reliability of the reported relative risks varies from disease to disease as this is based on the state of scientific research. 

    The risk calculations are derived from my DNA sample, which I willingly agree to provide, and the information I will provide via the online questionnaire. I understand that this questionnaire needs to be fully and truly completed in order for the risk calculations to be performed. 

    About the generated report

    The generated report is an information product. It is not a diagnostic test, genetic diagnosis of a disease, medical service, medical advice, nor medical device. It should not be used to make family planning decisions in any way.  

    I understand that this test only provides information on the chronic diseases mentioned in the report and does not provide information on genetic disorders, not for mono-genic disorders and not for genetic breast and ovarian cancer. For example, the BRCA genes are not represented in the SNP panel of the Prescan DNA test.


DNA test: £750

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Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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