Cardiological examination

A comprehensive cardiological examination, also called heart examination, including lung function test and a heart movie.

An extensive cardiological screening

Many people have a heart- or vascular disease. Concerning the cause of death for women are heart- and vascular diseases even number 1. Every reason to consider an examination of the heart.

The cardiological examination at Prescan is a preventive and very valuable examination, because it gives insight into the functioning of the heart. In this way abnormalities such as a leaking heart valve, constrictions and arrhythmia can be discovered in the early stage(s). The cardiological examination is included in the Total Body Scan. Certainly, in the case of complaints, high blood pressure or an increased risk of heart- and vascular diseases (diabetes, familiail load) it is good to have an extensive cardiological examination.

With complaints you can consider:

  • pain and / or a pressing feeling on the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • dyspnoea
  • pain in jaw and arms
  • high blood pressure

The cardiological examination is not bound to age. The heart valves, the blood flow of the heart, the ventricles and the pump function of the heart are extensively examined.
We make an ECG and an ultrasound of the heart. We also take a lung function test. Like this we have a good picture of the functioning of your heart and blood vessels.

For a cardiological examination at Prescan you do not need a referral from your GP. Also, there are no long waiting times. Often you are helped within a week. You receive the results the following week after the examination and are given expert advice from a cardiologist, so you know where you stand. The advantage is that you can already follow a treatment programme in an early stage. That increases the chances of healing or recovery. If nothing is found during the examination, then you are reassured right away.

Thanks to an extensive cardiological screening of Prescan you will not unnecessarily been uncertain and you will prevent worse. This is what we call precare.


Cardiological examination £350*

* All targeted examinations are excluding £35,- for intake-costs and £150,- GP intake consultation

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More about cardiological examination

  • Why not a MRI scan but an echo of the heart

    MRI is a examination technique that goes beyond a X-ray. By means of a large magnetic field hundreds of images are made of your body. This makes it possible for the doctor to draw his conclusions faster and more accurately concerning a possible disorder or condition. But at the heart do you want to know how this actually works. For this we use another technique: echocardiography. This technique, which uses sound waves, is also used for example to depicture an unborn child. It is a quick, easy, painless and harmless examination.

    Using echocardiography we make a elektrocardiagram (ECG). These are moving images of your heart, a kind of black and white movie. Like this we get information about the anatomy of the heart, the pump function, the functioning of the heart valves, heart chambers and even about the blood flow. With this examination we can detect cardiac arrhythmias, leaky heart valves and a non-optimal pump function.

  • Contents of the cardiological examination

    An extensive cardiological examination consists of several parts. It starts with a consultation to the cardiologist. Thereafter an ECG (electrocardiogram) will be made and a film of the heart. An ECG shows whether there is a heart disease or an innocent deviation. A film of the heart is also made during an exercise stress test because many heart diseases only become visible under physical stress on the body. For this we use a treadmill test. On the average you walk for 20 minutes, the purpose being that you carry on cycling until you reach your maximum heart rate. You can add the treadmill test to your program.

    Furthermore we will make an echocardiogram and an echo of the heart. Here we can see if there is a leakage or narrowing. This part of the examination shows something about the functioning of the heart valves, heart pump function and the heart chambers. To conclude with, we also take a lung function test to measure the lung capacity.

    After the examinations the cardiologist will inform you directly about the examinations and the findings.

Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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