Breast examination

A preventive mammography or MRI scan of the breast

Why a breast examination?

Breast abnormalities at women occur regularly. We often see that these are innocent deviations, but in some cases these are malignant growth. Breast tumours only can be felt if they are 1 to 2 centimetres large and if they are not settled too deeply in the breast tissue. Women who regularly examine themselves and over time know how their breasts feel, can sometimes detect tumours that are smaller. This is also the reason why self-examination is important. In addition, it is possible to choose a preventative breast examination at Prescan.

For whom?

We offer different possibilities for preventive breast examinations. Especially for the group of women under 50 years, who are not yet eligible for population  screening programme, this preventive screening is suitable.

This (ultrasound) breast examination at Prescan is not intended for women:

  • with a loaded (mammae) history
  • with a familiar load concerning  the breasts
  • with complaints to the breasts (such as flood, nipple discoloration, withdrawals, nodule)

Examination technique

The breast examination programme at Prescan is a two-dimensional echo or a mammogram of the breasts. 

Additional information

  • The intake

    If you decide to undergo that examination, you will first have a telephone interview with one of our nursing examination coordinators at Prescan. He or she will first fill out a questionnaire (case history) with you, on behalf of the physicians who perform the examination. This is used to map any possible physical complaints and it is considered whether a breast examination by means of a 2D ultrasound will be appropriate for you.

  • Before the examination

    On the day of the examination you have an introductory conversation with the nurse in the clinic during which the examination is explained. During this conversation, your details are checked and there is an opportunity to ask questions.

  • After the examination

    You learn the results of the examination the following week of the examination. Prescan’s physician will make sufficient time available to you for this. If any abnormalities are found in the breast ultrasound, you could be referred to a Mammography Outpatient Clinic for further examination (mammogram and/or biopsy). You will receive a report containing the examination results as soon as possible after the examination by Prescan.

It could be that the results do not give a definitive explanation of the abnormalities that were seen during the examination. Should this be the case, a follow-up examination may be required. Such as a referral to the Mammography Outpatient Clinic via your GP. However, despite the examination being of high quality, we cannot provide any guarantees regarding your health.


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Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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