Other examinations

Designated examinations for preventative reasons or for specific complaints.

What is it?

An MRI scan is an examination that goes beyond a X-ray. By means of a large magnetic field hundreds of images are made of your body. This makes it possible for the doctor to draw his conclusions faster and more accurately concerning a possible disorder or condition.

Something for me?

When you suffer from recurrent headaches or when there are genetic disorders in the family, an MRI scan of the head and an MRI scan of the brain can offer a solution.

The benefits

  • Within 1 week a scan in our clinic
  • Medical specialists
  • Direct contact with the GP
  • Examination without referral
  • Including a CD-ROM with images

Practical information

MRI Scan

Do you have persistent symptoms of back, neck, knee, head or any other body part? Then you obviously want to know what the cause could be. A MRI scan provided by Prescan, could be the solution.

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Over the years, certain questions have been asked more frequently. Fortunately, we have thought about that and we have made a summary of the frequently asked questions available.

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Other examinations

Other examinations


The Septina9 test is a simple blood-based test for early detection of colorectal cancer.

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Other examinations

Laboratory examination

Have you been feeling listless and tired lately? Do you suspect something is wrong with your body? Or do you just what to know more about your health as a precaution? A laboratory examination can then provide more clarity.

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Other examinations

Cardiological examination

Our cardiological examination shows how your heart functions. We use various modern techniques, such as an ECG, ultrasound or a lung function test.

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Breast examination

We offer different possibilities for preventive breast examinations. Especially for the group of women under 50 years, who are not yet eligible for population screening programme, this preventive screening is suitable.

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