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What is a body scan?

A body scan – also referred to as a health scan or full body scan – provides insight into your current health situation. A body scan consists of MRI scans of your vital organs and blood vessels and can be enhanced with other targeted examinations, such as a CT scan of the heart or laboratory examinations. Everyone is different. That’s why we design tailor-made preventive health checks.

LIVE REPORTING of MRI scan in real time at Prescan - unique experience

- You will get your MRI scan results on the SAME DAY of the test
- The consultant radiologist will go through the MRI images with you and discuss the test results
- No more waiting for test results because we offer you speed of access

Introduction offer
When you book the body scan, you can purchase an extensive DNA test for the introduction price of only 425.00* (instead of 950.00).
*Within this offer there is short survey required and results will be received within 7 weeks.

Direct insight into your health
Same day results

You will receive your MRI results by the consultant radiologist directly after your examinations.

Market leader

Prescan has been an active market leader in the field of preventive medical care for 15 years.

Years of experience

We understand that it is a big step to make the decision to have a body scan. Please be assured that our doctors have years of experience. You are in good hands.

No waiting lists

We don’t have waiting lists at Prescan. Is there no room for you? We will create time. You can request an examination at Prescan without any referral from your GP.

Which Body scan do you choose?

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Body scan comparison
  • Duration of the examination
  • 5 MRI scans
  • Laboratory Testing
  • CT Heart (Calcium Score)
  • 2-3 hours
  • 2-3 hours
  • 2-3 hours
Why clients choose Prescan.
"I just wanted to say -‘Thank you’- to Prescan for offering an amazing life-changing service. I can’t recommend you highly enough;, this health check has made me more passionate about living and making new dietary and well-being decisions."
- Cindy Wilday
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