Am I expected to arrive at the clinic with an empty stomach?

If you are expected to have an empty stomach:

If you have a laboratory examination (blood and urine), there is no need to come to the clinic with an empty stomach. Our laboratory testing is a non-fasting test.
It is not recommended to drink coffee. Concerning alcohol: one or two glasses of alcohol during the evening before the examinations is permissible. A larger amount of alcohol causes increased blood values of the liver. This can cause the blood tests to be inaccurate. It is best that no alcohol is used 24 hours before the examination!

If you undergo a cardiological examination you are advised not to drink coffee. Coffee has an influence on the cardiac action, but one cup of coffee would not cause a problem. 

Thorough preparation makes all the difference

It is important that you get properly informed about preventative medical examination, such as the Total Body Scan. Knowing what the limitations, the advantages or disadvantages of specific examination methods are, prevents an incorrect expectation.

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