After care

Your Well-being is important to us

When you decide to undergo an examination, you will have an Intake meeting with one of the Prescan Medical Co-ordinators. She will go through a medical questionnaire with you, on behalf of the physicians carrying out the examinations. With the aid of the questionnaire, your risk profile is assessed and in consultation with the physician the examination plan is drawn up. This can be the Total Body Scan but in practice there are often minor adjustments, adapted to your personal situation.

On the examination day you will have an introductory meeting with the Medical Co-ordinator, in which she will explain the examinations. During this conversation your details are checked, the GP will review that all regulations are complied with and you can ask any questions you may have. We ensure that everything is prepared down to the last detail. Prescan staff as well as the physicians will take their time and will communicate with you in a language you can understand.

If we identify any disease or illness...

We can get you in touch with the best doctors! You are not alone. When an illness is detected, a GP will consult with you and possibly with your own GP or specialist about a possible treatment. This can happen in our clinic or elsewhere in the UK. If it appears that the standard care in the UK is not sufficient we can also be of help.
It is possible, that as a result of a Total Body Scan, a control scan, or recall scan of a certain body part is advised, (e.g. due to a minimal or uncertain abnormality). This control scan is generally done after a few months, at the same clinic in London, in connection with comparison of the results.