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Prescan is since 13 years market leader in the field of preventive medical examination.

How did Prescan come into existence?

In 2002, the paths of the two founders of Prescan crossed. Jan Zantinge, an entrepreneur who had just sold his companies and Eddy van Heel, a qualified nurse and sector manager in one of the largest healthcare institutions of Netherlands. Both had their experiences with the current health care. Jan just lost his father, due to a wrong diagnosis. Besides that, the father-in-law of a close friend of Jan passed away in the previous year due to cancer that was detected far too late.

''In the health care it often occurs that patients are diagnosed far too late.''Eddy van Heel

Eddy himself had the same experience with other patients in healthcare, who were diagnosed too late and resulted in death. More than once he saw patients not being referred to specialists in time, or under pressure of health insurers, first examinations were carried out as cheap as possible, resulting in incorrect diagnoses, or were done too late. 

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What does Prescan stand for?

  • Why a preventive medical check-up?

    Many people only discover that they are ill after having had complaints for a longer period of time. The chance of recovering or stabilization of an illness is certainly a lot greater if the cause of the complaints can be discovered and treated while still at an early stage. For example, a preventative examination with a MRI scan and/or CT-scans allows you to act quickly or to just get more certainty about your health. That is often a big relief. The most well-known product of the Prescan® is the Total Body Scan (also called body scan or body check). 

    Prescan® introduced the Total Body Scan in 2002 and through the years this product grew into a household name in the Dutch medical world.

  • Collaborations

    Prescan collaborates with various hospitals and instances in Europe, who all strive to give you the highest possible quality and hospitality. These partners in the healthcare sector meet high quality requirements, so that Prescan can guarantee the quality. 
    Prescan distinguishes itself from other providers by allowing a team of various medical specialists to diagnose your body. These specialists, such as a cardiologist for your heart and an internist for your abdominal cavity, work closely together to chart your health as accurately as possible. Prescan offers you very professional and customer-oriented guidance during your stay in one of our clinics. Should something be found, you need not face it alone! You can also rely on our good care and expertise when a treatment is required.

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Screening Information

We give an objective overview of the advantages and disadvantages of all examinations methods that are used to chart your body.

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Our story

Prescan founders Jan Zantinge and Eddy van Heel were determined to do something about the late discovery of potential risks.

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Our clinic

Prescan collaborates with various hospitals and agencies in Europe. These healthcare partners meet stringent requirements, so Prescan can guarantee the highest possible quality.

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