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As a society, we’re more concerned about our well-being than ever. At Prescan, we have shared this concern for 17 years. We help you get healthy and stay healthy by giving you a better understanding of your health through a full medical check up. We make sure you feel at home and return home feeling reassured.

A healthy lifestyle is an important part of our daily lives – with more people than ever watching their diets, heart rates and step counts. But how much do we really know about our well-being? Early detection can save lives. Now, thanks to the latest technological developments, we can stop hoping and start knowing that we’re in good health.

We’re more concerned about our health than ever.

If the abundance of health monitoring gadgets on the market is any indication, we’re more concerned about our well-being than ever. But these gadgets don’t give us the full picture. They tell us little about how our vital organs and blood vessels are doing. We take our cars for an MOT test every year. Shouldn’t we be doing the same for our bodies?

That’s where early detection and private health screening come into play. At Prescan, we offer you a full medical check up, whenever you want, with no need for a specialist referral and we give you immediate results. Helping people to get healthy and stay healthy is the mission at the heart of our organisation – whether it’s in our clinics, on the phone or online.

From planning your check-up and running the examination day smoothly, to providing reassurance or extra clarification during the final interview, we take the time to help you feel comfortable and at ease at all times. As well as offering the latest equipment, we continuously update our products and services in line with technological and market developments aimed at taking preventive research to the next level.

‘Did you know many of Prescan’s doctors and nurses also work in regular healthcare?’

We give these professionals the opportunity to focus on prevention instead of care for the sick. They use their knowledge and experience from regular care to help give you a better understanding of your health through a full body health checkup.


From idea to reality: the body scan

On several occasions in 2002, Prescan founders Jan Zantinge and Eddy van Heel were confronted with incorrect or late diagnoses. Believing there had to be a better way of doing things, they had a bright idea. Fast forward a year, and this idea was a reality in the form of Prescan – and today more than 100,000 people have opted for health checks with us. This is our story.

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It is our goal to make your day at Prescan as pleasant as possible. We would like to welcome you to our screening centre, which is located in London's fashionable West End.

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You will be in good hands, with our kind and compassionate chaperones, as well as our efficient medical professionals.

Our employees

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You are in good hands.

CQC (Care Quality Commission)

Prescan UK is CQC registered. CQC is the independent regulator of healthcare and adult social care services in England. The CQC registers health and adult social care services across England and the CQC inspects Prescan UK to check whether standards are being met.

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