COVID-19 Update: we remain open!

After the recent announcement of the new COVID-19 measures, we as a screening clinic in London are pleased to inform you, we will remain open and our staff are at your service.

You will receive a free COVID-19 antibody blood test together with your Total Body Scan MRI booking.

We are taking all possible precautions and following all Government guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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Make a 3D trip through your body.

Our Total Body Scan provides immediate insight into your health.

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Now available: premium DNA testing

A DNA-based risk profile for the most common chronic and preventable diseases.

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Our most valuable asset: our body

Ask an average human being if he wants to be 100 years old and half will say: it is not necessary for me, unless in really good health.

Our story

We believe in care out of precaution


We feel that it must be possible to have yourself (preventatively) examined when you feel the need to do so. With or without a referral from your GP. Where a team of the best medical specialists is standing ready. Where people are willing to listen and to make every effort to help you. Preventatively, but also if there are complaints - just for certainty. We believe in preventative healthcare rather than curative healthcare. Better to act promptly rather than too late.

That is why we are here. We are there for you. We are Prescan. Prevention is better than cure.


Our story

From a remarkable concept to an European Authority: In 2002, founders Jan Zantinge and Eddy van Heel lost 3 loved ones within 8 months because of late or incorrect diagnosis.

There had to be another way

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Total Body Scan, a 3D tour.
Destination? Your own body.

About the Total Body Scan by Prescan®

Developed by Prescan in 2002, placed on the market in 2003. The Prescan® Total Body Scan. The examination that provides a proper overall image of your body. Prescan® is the worldwide leader in the field of body-scans and with many (academic) hospitals to guarantee that you get the best and most modern examination. Do you have symptoms, or do you just want to know how you are?

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Specific complaints? We also provide targeted examinations.

About targeted examinations by Prescan®

Are you getting nowhere with your physician? No sense in waiting? We offer all possible diagnostic examinations, with or without referral, and you normally receive the results within a week. Do you have symptoms and do you need advice? We are there for you. Obtain information.

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The latest news & health tips from, by and about Prescan®

06 May, 2019 - It might have crossed your mind already: Do I need a Total Body Scan? It is quite the step to answer this question with a confident “yes”. How do you make that decision? And what are the procedures following the decision? We would like to tell you all about it.

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“'Quantify yourself' it is buzzing through the streets of San Jose to Mountain View, and from Fremont to Saratoga.”

Wall of Fame

We have received dozens of national and international stars in our clinics over the past 13 years. We are proud that these remarkable people are ambassadors.

Casper van Dien
Casper van Dien
Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox
Christopher Atkins
Christopher Atkins
James Tolkan
James Tolkan
Matt Holland
Matt Holland
Ben Kay
Ben Kay


A recent assessment:

“Due to the services you provided back in April the cardiologists found I had been born with a bicuspid aortic valve. My aorta was dilated to 5.2cm I believe which was at risk of failing. I have undergone open heart surgery to have a new valve fitted, a new aortic arch and a further repair for another aortic issue.... Thank you once again to you and all your teams, seems quite possible they helped save my life.”

Gary Hibell

2 February 2019
Samantha Fox

"A friendly and welcoming company. I highly recommend Prescan’s service!"

Samantha Fox


Since Prescan’s inception, we have already received thousands of satisfied clients. All these clients provide us with a wealth of information, by sharing their experiences with us.

Not only can we continuously further improve our services with these experiences, it also gives you an idea of who we are and what we do. Remarkable, warm and true stories.

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More about Prescan® & preventative medical examination

Prescan has been active and market leader in the field of preventative medical examination domestically and abroad for 13 years. Over the past years, Prescan has expanded into a Knowledge Institute for preventative examination, with more than fifty different, highly qualified physicians and twelve hospitals in the Netherlands, just across the border in Germany, in England and in Austria. Where do people still have time for you?

Why preventative medical examinations?

For many people, a disorder is only detected when they have displayed symptoms over an extended period of time. However, the possibility of recovery/stabilising a disease is much higher if the cause of complaint is detected, and subsequently treated at an early stage.

A preventative medical examination can enable you to identify potential concerns in time, or even just to give you some reassurance regarding your health. That alone, often gives peace of mind.

Take control with our Total Body Scan

We do a lot to improve the quality of our lives, but when it concerns our own health we are still dependent on physicians. With Prescan, you can take control of the situation by undergoing a preventative medical examination with our Total Body Scan. 

At Prescan, we welcome you with or without a GP referral. The examinations can be requested not only on advice from your physician, but also on your own initiative. In any case, from the moment you call Prescan you are in contact with medical staff who will be able to consider your application. 

We provide as much relevant information as possible on our website. We advise you to read through it carefully. We will also do our best to inform you of the possibilities and limitations of preventative medical examinations.