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Since 2003 we’ve welcomed a lot of clients at one of our clinics. Some of these clients wrote a review in our independant guestbook, The Feedback Company.  There you can read more reviews. 

We have a few famous ambassadors and special stories as well, you can see these stories at the ambassadors page.

Below, you can find and watch four highlighted interviews. For example, Samantha Fox explains why a preventative health check is worth it. 

Video Testimonials



Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox, well known as a famous singer and model.  She was getting her first record deal on the age of fifteen. However, the world of modeling was more interesting in the beginning. In the end, Samantha Fox was visible in a lot of magazines, in 1986 she had her first hit as a singer with “Touch me”



Stedman Graham

Stedman Graham, a very successful speaker and writer. He is also well known as Oprah Winfrey's life- partner. He's a bestseller writer on defining the steps to success and how to work on your own growth. At Prescan he gave a Masterclass on Authentic Leadership; "it’s all about you!".


Claudia Wells & James Tolkan

James Tolkan & Claudia Wells, well-known actors for their respective roles in the original Back to the Future movies. James Tolkan played Gerald Strickland, High Valley High School’s headmaster. Claudia Wells was playing the act of Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly’s girlfriend. They visited Prescan to undergo Total Body Scan-examination. James and Claudia tell about the importance of being healthy, in relation to aging en having a busy schedule.


Christopher Atkins

Christopher Atkins, a famous actor and teen idol in the 80’s. His breaktrough was with the film “The Blue Lagoon”. His popularity ensured him of playing the main character in the famous series Dallas. He visited one of our clinics for a preventative medical exam and tells about his experience with our services.

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Customer reviews
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"a friendly and welcoming company. I highly recommend Prescan’s service!" – Samantha Fox
Having been retired from football for nearly 8 years and not quite as active as I once was I decided it was about time I had an MOT! Prescan came highly recommended and I couldn’t have been happier with the service. The...

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