Medical examinations

By means of preventative medical examination (medical check-up) you can get insight of your health status. Maybe you suspect that something is wrong, or maybe you just want an investigation of your health as a precaution. The preventative medical examinations that Prescan provides are for everyone who wants to know how matters stand when it comes to one’s health, just as a precaution or because there are unexplained symptoms.


Total Body Scan ®

The Total Body Scan provides a complete picture of your whole body. During this examination the vital organs and blood vessels are examined. In order to obtain the best possible picture of your body, we recommend the supplementary Cardio-Plus program as well as the extensive laboratory tests of blood, urine and other factors that may play a role in your personal situation. More info about the Total Body Scan

Individual Partial Scans and other examinations

It is also possible to have scans done seperatly from the Total Body Scan. You can have any individual body part examined separately, such as a shoulder, a painful back or a painful knee etc. You can contact us: 0345 257 0012

Regular examination

Prescan has, in cooperation with the medical specialists developed the "Repeat Total Body Scan". This examination is an annual monitoring based on the results of your last Total Body Scan. All you have to do is notify us that you would like to have periodic examinations, and we will do the rest.

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Having been retired from football for nearly 8 years and not quite as active as I once was I decided it was about time I had an MOT! Prescan came highly recommended and I couldn’t have been happier with the service. The...

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