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For years Prescan has been playing an active role as market leader in the field of Preventive Medical Examination in Europe. Prescan works in co-ordination with various highly qualified specialists and hospitals in England, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Prescan UK began operating in 2006 and has already more than a thousand satisfied clients.

Why Prescan?

  • We offer different methods of examination to get the best results (MRI scans/CT scans/ECG heart/Pathology/Ultrasound)
  • All examinations are executed by UK GMC registered medical doctors
  • Affordable high standard Total Body Scan packages
  • Total Body Scan with the newest Philips Ingenia 1.5 T
  • No GP referral necessary
  • Reporting from our GP within 24 hours
  • Recommended by Dr. Stuttaford from the Times and member of Vienna Medical Scientific Board
  • NEW: All examinations take place under one roof in Highgate Private Hospital, London

Our clinic

Prescan London (Highgate Private Hospital)
17 - 19, View Road, Highgate, London, N6 4DJ 



Where do people still have time for you?

Prescan is distinguished from other competitors by the fact that a team of specialists, make a diagnosis of the condition of your body and of all the vital organs. A Neuroradiologist examines MRI images of your brain, a Cardiologist examines your heart and a Radiologist examines your abdominal and pelvic organs. Should it be necessary, sound advice is given concerning the treatment or therapy required. This is assured, if any disorders are found.

Why MRI and not CT?

MRI scanning takes advantage of the natural magnetic properties of the tissues in your body. The scanner is a strong magnet that sends radio waves through the body. The magnetic tissues in the body then send a faint radio signal back. The receiver collects all those signals and the computer builds a picture of what is inside. It produces no radiation and has no cancer risk. Read more about Why MRI? »  

Vienna Medical Scientific Board

Prescan is affiliated to the Vienna Medical Scientific Board, with its committee of twelve professors from eight European countries. Under the leadership of Professor Johannes Huber our examination programmes and their content is discussed as well as new developments in the field of preventive medical examination. The panel has a sitting twice annually to give Prescan advice and support.

Client satisfaction

Prescan finds the opinion of its patients very important, that’s why Prescan sends patients a questionnaire a few days after the scan. In the questionnaire the patients will be asked for their opinions. Also complaints, comments and recommendations can be given. Due to these questionnaires Prescan is able:

  • to meet the changing demand of the patients;
  • to monitor what customers think of the services provided by Prescan;
  • to indicate what services might need improvement.


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"a friendly and welcoming company. I highly recommend Prescan’s service!" – Samantha Fox
Having been retired from football for nearly 8 years and not quite as active as I once was I decided it was about time I had an MOT! Prescan came highly recommended and I couldn’t have been happier with the service. The...

Why Prescan?

Uses safe MRI, no harmful CT radiation

No GP referral necessary

Client satisfaction: 8.5

Customer experience

Market leader 

Rated best by Dr. Thomas Stuttaford of The   London Times

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