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Prescan is an active market leader in the field of preventative 
Medical Examination and research both nationally, and internationally. We have referred over 60,000 Bodyscans since 2003, and are recognized as world leaders in advanced medical health screening. 

Why preventative medical examinations?

For many people, a disorder is only detected when they have displayed symptoms over an extended period of time. However, the possibility of recovery/stabilising an illness is much higher if the cause of complaint is detected, and subsequently treated at an early stage.

A preventative medical examination can enable you to identify potential concerns in time, or even just to give you some reassurance regarding your health. That alone, often gives peace of mind.

Take control with our Total Body scan

We do a lot to improve the quality of our lives, but when it concerns our own health we are still dependent on physicians. With Prescan, you can take control of the situation by undergoing a preventative medical examination with our Total Body Scan. 

At Prescan, we welcome you with or without a GP referral. The examinations can be requested on advice from your doctor, or also on your own initiative. In any case, from the moment you call Prescan you are in contact with medical staff who will be able to consider your application. 

We provide as much relevant information as possible on our website. We advise you to read through it carefully. We will also do our best to inform you of the possibilities, and limitations of preventive medical examinations.


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Our Clinic
Our Clinic Prescan is situated in Highgate Hospital, London. All examinations will be executed by, and under responsibility of, registered and qualified doctors from these clinics.


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